Lyten vol.1


In a world where mixed reality headsets are used throughout the day, four individuals connect around an enigmatic, collaborative holographic game.



What is Lyten?

Lyten is a free-to-read, self-published comic book created by designer Ben Frankforter to visualize a world where computing is collaborative, ambient and spatial.

About me

I'm Ben Frankforter, a Tel Aviv-based designer, currently VP Product at Tipit. Being curious about mixed reality, I started this project to learn new skills such as storytelling, book production and remote team management – while exploring new ways to interact with computers.

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Lyten vol.1
Created by Ben Frankforter
Art production: Line Art Studio
Pencil: Flavio R, Ink: Andre C,
Lettering: Ronaldo L.
Video: Miguel Fernandes
Online reader: Oz Pinhas

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